In the movie theatre I sit in the darkness alone with my friend Kate, the movie starts to play. We put on the glasses then everything pops its way out. Anime people are gathering around this big market taking place. Flies and bugs swarm the platter of food. As soon as the flies are ganging toward us, I swat them away out of habit and accidently fling the glasses off.

Suddenly, I realise the flies are still swarming us. “Take off your glasses!” I yell. I look at Kate, she looks different than before. She was anime. I leap out of my seat and shout, “TAKE THEM OFF!!!”. As she does, she screeches “Amine YOU”.

We hear a whimper from a crying child. We look down where the movie took place, and notice it wasn’t a movie at all. It had plastic over the stage, it was a play. Kate starts to freak out, screaming her head off which causes the child to cry even more.

I tell Kate to calm down, we need to work out what’s wrong with the child. We jump straight to the stage, were the kid was held. “What’s wrong?” we ask in an anxious tone. He tells us this was his fault. His father held this awful play, he trapped us hear because of my idea.

“Come, follow me.” he whispers. We walk nervously though this dark, curvy tunnel and reach a house. The boy leads us inside. We see the smooth walls which looked so fake upon the house. Then he leads us to this sweet young lady and explains it is his mother. She says in response “hi”. We frantically ask, “how did this happen?”, “where does this take place”.

Slowly, she answers the questions “My husband found a way to make illusions that made people in anime. Your still in the same building you walked into.” She also explains her husband isn’t anime and there are chips to control the people upon the show.

There is an exit to this treacherous place. “I have always wanted to escape but I can’t because I feel like my son will stay as an anime charter. He was born here.”
Then Kate said “THE PLAN BEGINS” she explains to the mother the boy will be fine because the anime is just an illusion.

Then she said, “what is the boy’s name?” and she replies “Totoro”. Kate says “Cool you can hide Totoro in my bag then we can make a distraction. After that we will be free then set everyone else free bye getting your husband arrested” 

Quick hide him in here “stop squirming” said Kate trying to fit him in the bag. “It is so swishy in here”. The mother grabs the bag and runs out the door, we follow. We run past the market, some buildings, then the train stations, followed by the bus station, it is all anime. We finally stopped at a tower.

Up the stairs there were billions of guards. We must climb up the outside rocks of the tower to avoid them. We tell the mother “climb up first, we’ll be right behind you”. As she climbs halfway up, we began. When we are halfway, she stops in despair. We race up quickly up to see why. There was a platform on top of us.

We realise Totoro’s dad, the director, is sitting on the platform. We decide to dangle along the edge of the platform and edge along. We reach the end and swing ourselves up. The platform creaks under our weight and this strict looking man turns around.

Totoro jumps out of the bag and pulls Kate straight towards the exit, then the man leaps like fire towards his wife and grabs her away. Then I tug and tug and eventually I pull her, and we sprint towards the exit. We get through and ran straight out of the theatre and called the police.

After half hour, the police arrive, and we take them straight towards the tower. We explain how we all turned into anime characters. Finally, he is arrested, and everyone is set free. It turns out to be some of our family was there.