The Adventure and the Mystery Zoe was so excited. She was finally old enough to go to the markets. Zoe lived with her grandma on Canary RD.

“Goodbye grandma. See you soon.” Zoe grabbed the apple basket and shut the door behind her. When she arrived at the market it was nearly empty. Zoe ran to an empty stall and started to lay out her apples in crates and put a sign up for one dollar each. Her first customer was a man. He had hazel hair and a yellow watch.

He said, “Excuse me young lady. How much are these apples?”

“The apples cost one dollar each,” Zoe said excitedly.

The man picked up the apples and put them in his bag. He was about to leave the stall when he heard the young lady at the stall say, “Dear sir. You have to pay before you leave my stall,”

“Biscuits!” cried the man. “I have no money all I have is this cardboard box,” Zoe thought to herself, if I get this box. I can use it to keep my money in. “Yes,” Zoe shouted. “I will take the box,” The man handed her the box.

Zoe nearly fell down on the concrete. The box was so heavy. Zoe put the box on a leftover crate and waited for her customers. It was quarter past twelve and Zoe had made forty- five dollars. Zoe slowly walked home with the box and her money.

A thought suddenly struck Zoe. What is in the box that is making it so heavy? Zoe arrived at her house. She knocked on the door with her foot since her arms were too full.

Her grandma answered saying, “sweetie, let me take the box.” Zoe handed it to her, and her grandma asked, “why is it so heavy?” “Beats me,” Zoe replied. “It was like that when I got it,”

Zoe’s grandma put the box down on the table and opened the lid. Zoe saw that her grandma was amazed so she decided to sit down next to her. Zoe thought her grandma was speechless.

Unexpectedly, a piece of parchment floated into the air as if it was magic. Zoe reached for the parchment and read it to her grandma. “Dear Grandma and Zoe, we are trapped in a lair on sixteen Washington Street. We are fine. DON’T RESCUE US! Hugs and kisses mum and dad Grandma’s hopes were down but not as much as Zoe’s.

Zoe said, “I am going to find my parents. I don’t care what the letter says. I am doing it whether you like it or not,” Zoe emptied the money out of the box before she took it with her. She closed the door and headed to sixteen Washington Street by foot.

After an hour Zoe arrived at her destination and knocked firmly on the red oak door. Immediately, Zoe was taken in by guards and nearly dropped the box. They put her behind bars and as soon as the guards left, she started crying.

Suddenly, the box floated into the air and turned into her mum and dad! Zoe stopped crying and ran towards them. “Mum, dad I should have listened to your letter. Now how will we get back to grandmas?” The dad said nothing instead he typed something into his watch. He then nodded and mum said, “Teleport activate,” while clutching her daughters hand.

Soon Zoe and her mum and dad landed inside Zoe’s grandma’s house. The grandma came out of the kitchen and burst out a happy smile. Everyone was home. Zoe laughed saying, “That’s why the box was so heavy!” The end!!