Rob lives with his Mum, they live in a 3 storey townhouse. Rob spends most of his time outside practising his skateboard tricks. Rob spends nearly all day upon the board. The only time he is inside is when he is eating. Rob’s Mum is glad that he is often outside, because most teenagers would spend their time gaming.

Every time Rob wakes up for the beginning of a new school day he pretends to be sick because there is a no skateboarding policy at school. Therefore he Rob gets really bored when attending school. He is a B grade student but that’s still okay. All the boys play football or soccer. Rob wants to join but he never learnt how to play because he wanted to skateboard all the time. He should have thought about that before he went to high school!

Rob always loved to go to the skatepark before school, he loved to wake up to the smell of smoke and sweat, from the teenagers. He would wake up at four in the morning and leave at 6:30 so then he had time to skateboard to school. Rob would practice his best tricks and if he fell he did the same trick over and over until he landed it. If he didn’t land it before he went he said he wouldn’t get a treat after school. (but if he did he would get a treat.)

Rob’s Mum knew how much he hated school. She said that when it was the last day of the school year she said that he  didn’t need to do anything involving school or school work.

That day didn’t go to plan….. when Rob’s Mum was driving him home,   a truck that pushed their car over at an intersection. Rob was in the direct line of the truck,  but his Mum reacted, lent forward to protect him. She was a hero.
Rob suffered a really bad broken hand and a black eye, and his Mum broke her neck, and back.

But what would’ve happened to him if his Mum wasn’t the brave saviour.  Everyday Rob would say to his Mum, “You’re my hero.”  She really was!

One day Rob went to the skate park he saw a child  there, he was in a wheelchair and he was nailing cool tricks. The boy noticed Rob staring and asked, “Are you ok?” Rob simply replied “Yes”. Rob was the best skater and know he was even too scared to even go down a ramp. The boy knew how he was feeling.