Standing in the dark.
As the sun rose, I could see flickers of gold.
A single figure stands alone from the crowd.
His medals reflected in dawn’s rising light.
Reflection. Recollection. Lost in thought.
Memories buried away, of horrors we will never know.
Terror and fear. Not much older than me.
Friends died along the way, in an effort to save the day.
On battlefields that bear their blood. Childhood innocence, forever gone. A land so distant. A land so different. A land not home. A land not free. Does he know how proud we are? Of the sacrifice that left its scar?
The “Last Post” plays. He moves away. I run to him. What will I say?Gratitude I can never repay. A Nation’s pride I want to convey.
Alone together, he looks at me. “Thank you” is all I say.
He smiles at me and turns to leave and I realise, he did it all for me.