Tucked up in her grandmother’s attic, Emma stared intently at the cover of the book she just found. It was old, dusty and torn. Mysteriously, the book was titled “Find Your Hidden Friends”.

Emma Yang was nine years old and loved to read books. She spent much of her free time digging into the pages of her books like a rabbit burrowing holes. All her friends would tease her and call her a bookworm, but she didn’t care.

Emma’s hand trembled as she flipped open the book. Suddenly, beams of light radiated towards her as she began to rise from the ground.

“What’s happening?” Emma whispered to herself. Then everything went black…

“Oomph!” Emma landed with a thud. She could smell the rotten leaves and the sight of humongous trees waving like flags about in the wind. Suddenly, a curious squirrel hopped up to her. It twitched its adorable button nose and shook its fluffy tail.

Then, the most peculiar thing happened. The squirrel started to talk!

“Would you help me? I’m lost and I need to find where my friend’s birthday party is.” The squirrel explained worriedly. Usually Emma didn’t like to help anybody, but with that desperate expression on the squirrel’s face, she just couldn’t say no.

“Let’s try going that way.” Emma suggested as they ambled along the crooked path together. Before long, Emma found herself laughing and joking with the squirrel. Soon, they were deep into the ominous shadows as Emma began thinking that they’d never find the birthday party they were looking for. Miraculously, she suddenly spotted two gnarled trees holding up a sign reading, “Happy Birthday Twitchy!”

Coyly, Emma asked the little squirrel if his friend’s name was Twitchy and the squirrel squeaked, “Yes!”.

Excitedly, she pointed to the gnarled trees and announced into the squirrel’s ear,
“I think you’ll find your happiness there!” Squealing with joy, the squirrel ran towards the long tables, wrapped in scrumptious party food.

Grinning, Emma followed her new friend when she began to think of her grandmother. Immediately, the squirrel noticed the blanket of sadness cover Emma’s face and handed her a book titled “Love, Your Secret Friends!”

Emma carefully flipped open the book and sure enough, light streamed out of its pages. Soon, Emma found herself sitting on her grandmother’s attic again. What an adventure! Emma thought.