With soothing ripples
And calming waves
A navy blue colour
With a tide that behaves.

Dive deep inside
And swim across the ocean
Watching the creatures glide
Gracefully in slow motion.

From clown fish and star fish
To huge sharks and whales
Rainbow corals like to swish
Under the creatures tails.

There are various bright colours
Out in the sea
Just looking deep down there
Will make you feel free.

Our oceans are unique
Our oceans are special 
Just keep that rubbish to oursleves
Would be highly beneficial.

Next time you think of throwing that litter
Think of that thought as being bitter
We want to keep our oceans neat
Maybe that I thought would be a little more sweet.

So its time to sustain
To let our water remain
We all love our oceans
The creatures and the sea 

We we’ll all use our water “RESPECTFULLY”