“Oh my god, that’s her!” Thanks to those few darned words, Evelyn was now stuck in an obstacle course of fans rushing up to her for an autograph. She briskly pushed past the increasing crowd of fans and bolted back home with hundreds of strangers following close behind. She shut her front door in their faces and quickly checked her backpack to see that no one had stolen any of her belongings. She could feel a thing that didn’t feel like anything she belonged. What’s this?’ Evelyn pulled a small plastic container out of her backpack, realising it was a video game. There was a picture of an ugly, giant green frog on the cover, which was chasing a winged fairy holding hands with a bearded wizard. Evelyn’s subconscious told her to give the game back to whoever owned it, but another round of banging on her front door told her otherwise. She dived onto her comfy couch and started blasting music with her speaker to drown out the noise of her crazy fans. She inserted the game into her TV and a colourful backstory started playing out, showing the frog chasing the wizard and the fairy. The fairy ended up getting caught and it showed a scene where the frog told the fairy that he was going to eat her for dinner. Evelyn clicked the skip button, reckoning that there was no more to be explained. All of a sudden, a bright blue light illuminated her whole house, and her game console started beeping and vibrating in her hands. Evelyn froze in fear as a glowing arm shot out of her television and slowly made its way towards Evelyn. It grabbed Evelyn by the leg and dragged her into her television screen. Everything started slowly fading until she could see no more. Evelyn woke up to a man with a long white beard slapping her across the face. It was the wizard in the game she was just playing. “If you’re going to barge into a game like that, then help me save my wife!” He yelled, smacking her once more. Evelyn sat up and looked around. It was indeed the world of the game she was playing. Before Evelyn could fully take in the environment around her, the wizard lifted her up by the arm and started dragging her to the tower where the frog had imprisoned the fairy. “I need to go back home! My mother will be looking for me!” Evelyn cried. “Only my wife can open the gate back to your world, so help me save her.” The wizard explained. Evelyn sighed and started following the wizard to the frog’s tower. All at once, a group of walking mushrooms with limbs jumped out of a bush and started attacking Evelyn and the wizard, pushing and kicking them towards the edge of a cliff. The two had no weapons, so they were no match for the mushrooms, and ended up falling off the cliff. Evelyn squeezed her eyes shut and hoped that the game didn’t end in one death. In a flash, Evelyn was respawned on the grass that she was standing on a few seconds ago. She looked up and saw two red hearts on top of her head. Having played a lot of games in her life as a professional gamer, she realized that she had two lives left, after losing one just then. “We need weapons.” Evelyn pointed out, and the wizard nodded. He started leading Evelyn to a wooden cottage. Evelyn guessed that it was where they bought weapons in this game. The wizard knocked on the door and a stout, old man opened the door, greeting them warmly. The wizard went inside and closed the door behind him, leaving Evelyn outside. He came back out with two steel swords, with a wide grin on his wrinkled face. The unexpected partners started making their way to the tower with their swords in front of them in case of a sudden assault. It was an eventful journey to the tower, where Evelyn and the wizard slayed countless mushrooms with their swords on the way, shoving their corpses into their bags for when they get hungry. The wizard was overcome with impatience and charged into the tower without a plan, determined to rescue his lover. Evelyn panicked and rushed in close behind him. The two slashed their swords at the giant frog, only leaving tiny scratches on its wet skin. Evelyn was astounded. How could a blow that hard only leave a small scratch? The frog’s face turned bright red and it swept Evelyn and the wizard off the floor. It smashed their faces onto the concrete ground with such force that they revived in front of the tower, and another one of their hearts was lost. Now they only had a single heart left. The two sat on the moist grass, wondering what could save the fairy. A lightbulb suddenly clicked in her head, and Evelyn took out all the dead mushrooms from her backpack. “If that frog eats humans, it will surely eat mushrooms!” She exclaimed, and the wizard quickly pulled out all the mushrooms that were in his backpack too. Evelyn and the wizard carried the mushrooms into the tower, praying that the frog wouldn’t kill them straight away. “Please take these mushrooms and give us the fairy! The fairy is only one but these mushrooms are countless.” Evelyn pointed out. The frog grinned and gobbled up the mushrooms right from their hands with his pink tongue and handed them the fairy, who was imprisoned in a steel cell behind the frog. The fairy and the wizard embraced each other happily, crying tears of joy. After a few minutes of kissing and all that gross stuff, the fairy finally noticed Evelyn standing behind them impatiently. The fairy threw her arms around Evelyn, startling her. “Thank you so much!” She cried, repeating the same sentence over and over again. Evelyn couldn’t help but feel a bit humble, after only feeling the need to go back home. The fairy and the wizard happily led Evelyn to the gate back to Earth, holding hands all the way. The fairy gently touched the door with her finger, and it flew open, showing an image of Evelyn’s living room where she last was. Evelyn thanked the couple one last time and somersaulted into the gate. Everything was pure white for a second before everything was back to normal and Evelyn was lying on her sofa, staring confusedly at her ceiling. The clock next to her read the same time as when Evelyn got sucked into her TV. How did all of that happen? This is definitely not a dream.’ She pondered, listing all the possible causes of everything that just happened. It wasn’t a very long list she came up with. Anything can happen in games.’ Evelyn concluded, and from then on, she didn’t think any more of it.