plagued with that intrusive feeling
my lungs inflate with the rush of craze
thoughtlessly staring at the ceiling
my white pillow turns to awful greys

my pillow weeps its sorrows away.

gentle phrases follow fastidious faces
their pillows filled with tears
flashbacks and familiar places
now paralysed by their fears

my pillow is the only one that hears.

the fleeting love that left my soul
screams suffocated by the feather filled abyss
my dampened cheeks now take their toll
my mind tends to reminisce

my pillow tastes my smudged lipsticks kiss.

ricocheting between euphoria and sorrow
heavy mascara and words left unsaid
I take three hours from tomorrow
then stain my pillow instead

my pillow; my deathbed.

heartbreak tucked in the bags of her eyes
no pillow healed what the world had lacked
she reached out to the highest skies
and gave up her part of the pact

my pillow engraved with lifeless tears
broken promises and the impact
i wonder if she knew she had made a mistake
since she’s never coming back