Hi I am a smelly sock
Unlike my friends, I don’t rock
People hate me a lot, yes, a lot!
I think it’s cos I’m spotted with dots

My friends are awesome, clean and good
I could clean myself, yes, I could
But when I come out of the washing machine
Dirty splotches can still be seen

Then people will stare at me in disgust
Just because I have some dust
But what’s worst is my smell
Everyone smells it I can tell

They wrinkle their noses and waft their hands
“Oh what a stench I can hardly stand!”
If you ask me the smell is not bad
But for some weird reasons it makes others sad

My cousins smell odourless, perfect and great
But I? Why I get thrown in the crate
Just cos of me people won’t knock
Whether it’s Halloween or not

I live a very miserable life
And I am still a smelly sock!