“Come on, don’t be a scaredy cat” teased my big sister, Josephine as she let out a big sigh. “Oo..k” I said as I followed behind her, still shivering. She sighed, took my hand, and pulled me into the graveyard. “Are you sure this is a clever idea?”  I asked looking around nervously. “Because what if a dead person just grabs us by the ankle. We’ll be in big trouble.” “Of course, they won’t, silly” she replied turning on her torch and rolling her eyes, “they’re dead.”

As I followed close behind my sister who was curiously exploring the symmetry, I looked around seeing rotten figures lying on the bare floor. A cold shiver ran down my spine. I knew there would be trouble.

“Shouldn’t we just go home? Besides, it is getting dark,” I said thinking of excuses for leaving the abandoned graveyard. But my sister didn’t listen. She was too busy exploring. “Ahem” I said narrowing my eyes so that my sister
would hear my little voice but there was no reply. I thought there was no point in arguing so I continued following Josephine who was still looking for something interesting.

After looking for two hours we didn’t even find a single thing that bought us interest. My sister sighed. “We should head home now,” she said in a disappointed voice. As we turned to leave, I looked back at the figures on the
floor. It looked as if they were staring back at me. A cool tingling sensation entered my body. Appearing in front of me was a skeleton. A skeleton with one eyeball which was rotting on its forgotten face.

“JOSEPHINE!!!” I screamed as the skeleton inched forward to grab me, but when I looked back at Josephine, she was gone. Just then I heard a faded scream. It was Josephine. “No!” I cried, holding back my tears. The skeleton smiled. Not a friendly smile, but an evil smile.

Its long, skinny fingers reached for me. I pulled out my mirror and the streetlights’ light reflected on the skeleton.  Closing my eyes, I hoped that somehow everything would turn back to normal and Josephine would come back, but just as I did, I heard a screech. Slightly opening them, all I saw was a pile of ash on the floor.

“It turned into ash because of light,” I whispered to myself as I bent down to the ground. I carefully shoved the ash to the side and there, I found a trail of writing carved on to the rough surface.

It read:
Great job little sis. I didn’t expect that from you (as you were the one who was being a scardy cat). You have defeated the king and now you must defeat the other skeletons. And, don’t worry about me. I know you can do this. Good luck,

I traced my hands on the carved writing and gasped. Looking up, slowly, I saw an army of skeleton reaching for me. Pulling out my mirror, I smiled slightly. Who knows? Maybe I could just be braver than my sister.