Kaden didn’t know how he got his skates on with such shaky hands. He was about to go ice-skating. But he knew he would hate it.

“You’ll never know until you try,” his parents had said. He looked out onto the ice and saw that everyone was gliding like a colony of penguins. He swallowed nervously. He took a deep breath. It was time.

Kaden walked carefully towards the ice, pale and wondering bitterly why he agreed to this. The arena was full of people, laughing and joking.

Steam rose up from the rink and on one side of the would-be dark room, if not for the eye stinging lights, fifty-foot-high seating towered above anyone who walked past them.

Kaden felt like a mere pussy cat surrounded by a pack of powerful wolves. He stretched his foot out, ready to embarrass himself… WHAM! He slammed face first into the ice, raucous laughter filled the air and buzzed around his brain.

“I’m surprised he didn’t break the ice, he fell so hard!” called somebody from the crowd. Kaden felt anger bubbling up inside him, white-hot and venomous. He knew nothing except wanting to hurt, to cause pain, to destroy that person. But it was not worth it

“I will prove him wrong with my skating not my fists,” he thought to himself. Kaden pushed himself up off the ground. Fierce determination seared through him, filling his bones. He stepped out onto the ice and a sudden love for this washed over him.

Kaden pushed out into the center, he was soaring through air, he was sure of it. Everybody stopped to watch him. It was as though he had sprouted invisible wings.

He could have stayed there for hours and never get bored. Kaden looked around, stunned. Suddenly he thought back to his parents’ words: “You’ll never know until you try”