Bright eyes glowing as she runs towards me,
Embracing me with her hug, she defines me.
She drops her bag and gives me a speech,
On what she did at school, snuggling to me as a leech.

I smile to myself about her little things, her little world,
With a peck on her forehead, I listen to her with her eyelashes twirled.
We rush off to play, in our own world of adventure,
Sitting in a yellow room with fairy stickers, she is on a venture.

I feel childish and I decide to go away,
But my sister looks longingly at me to stay.
As I see her I realise my sister is my eternal bond,
I squeeze her hand thinking, sister’s love is very strong.

Teaching her simple words like cat, sat and mat,
Sometimes we fight, but not long to be out of sight.
Mum calls us for dinner and we walk hand in hand,
Sharing silly jokes and laughing to our hearts contend.

At the dinner table a scrumptious lasagne awaits us,
We gobble up each fragment as it’s so delicious.
Humming after dinner I finally go to study,
Hastily writing down notes for all that I worry.
Two little hands tap me on my shoulder,
And as I look down to see two large twinkling brown eyes asking me to hold her.

She tugs at my sleeve and says ‘tuck me into bed’
I cradle her to sleep with her tiny teddy, after the books that she has read.
Her soft breathing turns to a pattern as I know she’s drifted off,
Her luscious eyelashes quiver and I peck her on the cheek so soft.

Tomorrow is another day, with many things to pursue,
But our sister’s bond is lifelong, and my sister so cute.