I might be a normal girl, slightly shorter for my age, but I have a big secret. I recently moved to a new school 2 weeks ago with my parents, since they’ve just changed jobs. I was a bit shy and not a brave person. I couldn’t make friends by myself. I could see people having so much fun in the class and at the playground, which made me feel bad. At recess, I spent most of the time drawing on the dirt. It’s hard making friends, and it was my dream.

But one night, when I was just about to go to sleep, the curtains flew open. A gust of freezing wind blew open my door. And at that millisecond, the coolest dragon flew into my room. The dragon had misty ice around him. He was white, and spiky with long daggers at the side of his mouth.

Hey, didn’t I draw that dragon at school? Anyway, I knew about dragons, and it was a male, because of the sensors at the back of his neck. He was about the size of two horses, with big wings and shiny claws. There was the most awkward silence, until the dragon said in his deep, growly voice: “I have seen that you are lonely. I have come here to help you. And during this time, I will give you some magic, well, powers. I hope this will assist you.”

Wow! I always hoped dragon were real. And there was a real one standing in front of me now? I was so surprised and speechless. But I had to answer: “Uh…hello! And, did you just …. say magic? What type of magic? Did you pick me because I need help with friends? How did you come here without being seen?” I stammered. The dragon nodded and said he had an invisibility spell.

“By the way, my name is Talon. Nobody can hear and see me except you. But they can touch me. Yes, I picked you because you were in need.” I gulped. “So, what exactly do you mean by magic? Charms?” repeated the inquisitive me. The dragon nodded again. “Okay,” he said seriously, “tomorrow we start progress and making friends at school. During recess and sports class, I will give you a signal when you get the magic power.”

The next day at school, I was acting as normal. I felt relaxed a lot, when he said about invisibility and nobody hearing anything. Talon had to stay in the cupboard during the class, not in the back of the room, because someone was there, and not outside, because it’s dangerous. Deet! Deet! Deet!

It was time for sports class! Today we were learning high jump. I’m always bad at it. When it was my turn, Talon winked at me. That was the signal for the charm. I ran up, jumped, and twisted. I repeated the method. As I jumped, I felt as my legs were springs! I did a triple flip, somersault and landed firmly. Everybody stared at me and everybody’s jaw literally scattered across the gym. My score was 12 out of 10!

“Hmm, impressing the class, it’s a good start.” I thought. I could see smiles on their faces when they looked at me. Now all I had to do was to gather my courage and ask them to play a bit with me. So, I tried, and a group of girls played with me. I ended up being the bad guy in the tiggy game. It was not the expected role, better than nothing, though. They played with me at all the lunch and break time. I thanked Talon a lot. Everything went smoothly for 3 days until I heard people shout Fight! Fight! Fight! I went around the corridor to see what the commotion was about.

Talon followed me quietly beside. It was Harpreet and Hayley. Hayley was a girl who played with me sometimes, and Harpreet was known an annoying boy and always bullied other people. He called me shortie the other day. “What did Hayley do?” I asked the other girl, Sienna. “Nothing, Hayley did nothing. But Harpreet called Hayley a pest!” Sienna said. Harpreet was a big, and I know Hayley wouldn’t win.

I gathered all my courage and walked up in front of him. “You can fight me instead!” I exclaimed. “Oh really? Do you think that someone as weak as you can fight me, Shortie?” Harpreet said confidently. “Don’t be so sure” I muttered. “Are you going to give me a charm this time?” I whispered to Talon. “You’ll see!” Talon replied. Harpreet attacked, and I felt a tingle down my spine.

The charm. I was warming up, and suddenly flames shot out of my palms! But nobody saw the flames except Harpreet. As I walked towards him, he ran away, looking scared. Hayley and the other kids cheered. After that, everybody wanted to be friends with me. And Hayley and I were true and best friends now.

One night when it was my second sleepover with Hayley, Talon was on the window sill. “it is time for me to go. My job is done. But I hope to see you again soon.” He explained. “Already? You’ve only been here for some time like minutes. I couldn’t have done it without you! Well, thanks so much for your help!” I said in a disappointed way.

He flew off into the night sky in a whirl. I guess nothing lasts forever. But hey, I have work to do, going to school. Everything has to go back to normal. I will always remember Talon. Hmm? A dragon scale badge and a small pair of dragon wings on the windowsill? It was from Talon. Hayley was calling for me. I placed the things under my bed. BLING! It was an icy firework in the night sky. With mixed feelings, I turned and closed my eyes. A dream come true with a secret only I knew.