As the elephant bent down so I could clamber onto his back, I felt scared, but excited. Where was he going to take me? What if I fall? What if he takes me somewhere and leaves me alone? I reluctantly swung my leg over his back, patting him gently. As he rose up I heard him humm a song. Up we went into the bright blue sky. I felt the wind in my hair, flapping wildly behind me. I almost lost my breath when I saw the breathtaking ground below. Full of houses and cities. All of a sudden the elephant flew down into a beautiful forest, full of trees and waterfalls.

When the elephant landed I hopped off and once I touched the ground I had bathers on. I knew it was the elephant’s magic. He slowly made his way to the water and jumped in. It made such a huge splash that I got drenched! So, I jumped in after him, laughing and splashing around. When I got out, I walked around and found my best friend hiding in the bushes.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her
“I got lost!” She sobbed
“Come with me!” I cried, pulling her up from the ground. As we ran through the bushes I could hear the elephant having fun in the water.
“Stop!” My friend Maisie said
“Why?” I questioned “Because there is an elephant over there!” She screamed ” Oh don’t worry, that’s my friend, his name is Bruce.

The waterfall sparkles as Maisie and I approach it. It sprays cold specks of water onto my skin that makes my hair on my arms stick up straight. The waterfall is majestically shiny when it meets the water below. My friend and I jumped into the water and felt the water pound on our backs. After Maisie met Bruce we flew off into the air again and Maisie was amazed at all the beautiful sites she could see!

When we got to Afghanistan we saw smoke and rubble everywhere! “What is going on?” I cried tears streaming down my face listening to all the cries and screams of the innocent people that live there. That’s when Bruce abruptly stopped! It was so hard that Maisie fell off the back of Bruce! I heard her scream and Bruce flew down after her so I could grab her. “HELP!” She screamed, nearing closer to the ground. “I’ve got you!” I said, holding her in thin air. I sat her back onto Bruce but in front of me this time. We soared down to the ground taking a look of what was going on. “

BAM!” Fired a gun.

I spotted an elephant drop dead to the ground! Bruce groaned looking at his old friend laying on the cold, dusty ground. I quickly got off Bruce with Maisie and ran over as fast as I could to the poor elephant. I blocked out all the screams of other people and focused on the elephant. The air was thick and smokey around me. I saw a bullet land right near me, that made a ring of fire circle the elephant and I.

But I didn’t care. Bruce gave me a small glass of water to pour over the elephants ears, I knew it contained magic. I gave it a go, and I held my breath. It worked! The elephant woke up and sprayed water from it’s trunk onto the fire. When we walked through the ruined town every step that we took the land became normal and the terrorists died while firing bullets. The bullets disappeared into the air and everyone was happy again!

When we got home we told all our parents what we had done and Bruce stayed with me forever so we could go on more adventures together!