Side to side, copying the person in-front of me. Drip! Drip! I feel sweat running down my face. I hear my heart beating faster and faster after every move. As I get ready for the big finale, I take a step back, I trip, managing not to fall. I end up doing a twirl as I now know that I have failed.

The very next day I arrive to school seeing a rich black coloured limousine parked in the carpark. I go over to the bike stand clicking my bike into place. As I head back inside I hear lots of loud chatter. I realised that the cheerleading teams were up. I go over to support my friends because they probably made the team. As I walk over to them, they were sitting next to this new girl. I think I saw her come out of the limousine. I say “Hey guys!” When I started speaking, they walked away. I had a bad feeling about this new girl.

The new girl Lisa, was that person that would always give you those bad vibes. She would show off all her things and she would only pick her friends like now, I didn’t make the cheerleading team so she decided not to talk to me. I looked at the results as I realised, I was the only girl in my class not to get picked! I feel tears coming out of my eyes I try to flick them away. The new girl Lisa walks up to me, alone this time.

She says “Hey loser.” She glances out my outfit. “Aww you’re crying,” she laughs evilly as she flicks her gorgeous blonde hair. “You better not try to talk to your old friends since there my friends now and… I have spread some rumours so you won’t have any friends ever again!” She walks away. My mind runs in a million directions. What rumours has she spread about me? What did I ever do to her? Why is she so mean to me?

Ding! Ding! I hear the class bell go. As I get into class I see Lisa has taken my seat, I go over and say “Umm that’s my seat Lisa.” She replies, “Does it look like I care? Go sit at the back loser.” A bunch of people around her laugh. As I walk to the back, I clench up my fists and I feel like I could punch Lisa in the face. When Mr M, the teacher, arrives I feel much better as he does the roll. One of my old friends Ella, glances back at me when I say ‘here’ on the roll while everyone else does not. I feel like Ella felt bad for me.

When we are doing maths, my hand pops up for every question. When Mr M left, Lisa says one of those loud whispers everyone supposed to hear “So Sam is such a big nerd like she knew all of the answers” and she also said “I’m having the biggest cheer team party at my house today and I think all the girls except her are coming since she is such a big nerd and loser!” All the people around her besides Ella say “I know right such a big loser.” They all giggle.

Then it was lunch, when everybody walked away from me. I heard ‘Sam is such a-‘ as everybody was speaking. That was when I found out about the first rumour. One of the girls in our class Zoe came up to me and said “Is it true that you tried to trip Lisa in the cheer team tryouts?”
“Who me? No way! I didn’t even see Lisa at the tryouts did you?”
 She stood there thinking for a while then she replied “Now that I think about it, I didn’t see Lisa”
“Maybe because Lisa is rich her parents paid the school to be the head of cheerleading.”
Zoe and I started to think of all the possibilities on how Lisa got into the team.
“Hmm” Zoe said “I think that might be right”
“We should go confront her”
“But we can’t all of the school teachers are favouring Lisa so we can’t”
“Well yeah ok but now if you hear anything about that I did something to Lisa at the tryouts you know it’s false”
“Oh Zoe” Lisa called from a distance “Why are you hanging out with that loser Sam what’s her name”
“Umm well I was just calling her a loser”
“Oh fine come now!”

I didn’t know what to do. I decided to confront her. So I made up my mind and started a group chat. I wrote;

“Hi Everyone”
˜What is it” Lisa replied
“Well basically this about how you were never at tryouts”
“Wait I didn’t realise that” said Cindi
˜Same” said Ella
˜Guys I can explain” Lisa said
˜Sure you can” said Zoe

Everyone after that voted on Lisa getting expelled buy obviously the teachers favoured her so we just ignored her.