“Christmas is a festive time of year”, 
My mother used to say
Until the 26th morning,
Which we knew as Boxing Day.

On that very Sunday morning,
Our family was at the market
Dad, mum, sis and I,
Filling up our shopping basket.

It was quiet as usual,
Until we heard a sudden cry.
A lady was shouting out,
“Run, before you all die!”

As we turned around, 
All we could do was stare.
For we saw something strange,
Something very rare.

It was a huge tidal wave.
Right in front of our eyes.
“Run quickly!” said dad.
As we ran to save our lives

While we were trying to escape,
The water rose to our knees.
Mum kept saying to herself,
“Oh God, help us please.”

Our family was in danger,
As the water reached my height.
Dad lifted me up,
Through such a tragic sight.

The water because more powerful,
People and cars were treated like toys.
Houses crumbled to pieces,
Through destruction and much noise.

While the water kept rising,
Dad saw his friend in need.
His foot was tied around something.
He needed to be freed.

Dad told us to keep running.
As he helped his dearest friend.
We knew we might not see dad again.
Could this be the end?

With tears running down our cheeks,
Mum lifted my sister and I.
The water became very rough.
There was no way we could survive.

A piece of wood came floating past
I held on with all my might
But mum and sis didn’t make it,
As they floating out of sight.

The wave had washed them away.
It was such a nasty view.
As my mother and sister left me,
She said, “I’ll always love you”.

I remember those words so clearly.
As I sit here in this room.
For now I am in an orphanage.
Hoping to leave very soon.

But I know that I can’t leave here,
Cause all my family has gone.
I just have to pray for them.
And sit here and mourn.

As I look out of the door,
Rubble is all that remains.
We are refugees in our own country.
Which is so hard to explain.

All we can do is pray to God,
Pray for that day in December,
A terrible tragedy of mankind
It’s a day the world will always remember.