I sit here, looking over the glistening lake
as I see my reflection looking back at me.
I look down and I see…
a man who is inconsiderate,
a man who has forgotten who he is,
a man who is nothing.

. . .

I went down a path,
a steep spiraling path
of danger and misfortune.
And it led me to a dark shallow pit,
where I felt trapped, suffocated –
I was stuck.

I promised myself
that I could improve as a man,
mentally and physically.
I wanted to see a different person
looking back at me
every time I saw my reflection.

I wanted to see myself glisten
like the lake in front of me,
how it magically reflects
the sunlight beaming down
on its shimmering surface.
I wanted to feel proud.

But my past follows me like a shadow.
It affects my daily life
and how I see the world around me.
It affects how the world sees me…
a man without purpose.
However, I hope you can still call me Dad.
Please forgive me.