Random thoughts they fill my head
All through the day and night
I’m not sure why it happens to me
I’m not sure I’m alright

I wonder why the sky is blue
I wonder why dogs won’t eat peas
I wonder why emu’s have wings
Or why elbows aren’t called armknees

Why do these thoughts fill my head?
Am I strange? Am I weird?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why can’t I grow a beard?

Do clowns get sad when we laugh at them?
Is there really a staircase to heaven?
Does it hurt the grass when we mow it?
Why is it 7, 8, 9 and not 9, 8, 7?

Why are fingers called fingers
Why are toes called toes
Why are my teeth inside my mouth
And not hanging off my nose

Why do caterpillars turn into butterflies
What would happen if rain went up not down
What would happen if when we were happy
our mouth turned to a frown

if broccoli tasted like chocolate
if sleep we did not need
if school was something no-one did
id be a happy girl indeed

these random thoughts they come to me
there’s worse but I’m scared to share
you’ll think I’m super loopy
and will point and laugh and stare

my mumma says I’m normal
then we laugh together some more
she doesn’t think I’m crazy or weird
but she does bark at the door