It’s pouring,
And I have no cover.
It had to happen just when I wanted to go exploring.

My socks feel slimy.
My shoes shout a not-so-silent “sskque.”
The sound dies down only slightly.

“Teip, teip, teip,” the rain knocks on the café’s windows.
The molten chocolate goes down my throat.
This now empty cup of hot chocolate is my hero.

Stepping outside, I take in the cold breeze.
It’s refreshing.
I feel at ease.

People are hiding under colourful plastics,
and children are jumping in puddles with their cute raincoats.
They jump and spin and the water flows around them like magic.

I want to be a child like them and be free.
I jump and watch in amazement as water flees.
And then a car comes close and water splashes all over me.