In a castle in a land far away on the edge of a mountain lived Queen Rebecca.   Sadly, the Queen was under a quacking spell put on her by the evil Wizard Chad!
The evil Chad, using his special wand, put the spell on Queen Rebecca to make her miserable because her constant quacking was so noisy and loud it kept all her staff awake.

One day Queen Rebecca was sitting on her throne when a messenger burst through the door panting and said,
“Your Majesty we have just got news that your mother has been kidnapped by the evil Wizard Chad’s brother, Todd!”
The Queen was both shocked and surprised by the bursting in messenger and the shocking message.
She quickly stood up. 

Her lips were quivering as she shouted, “QUACK! Knights go to Todd’s tower QUACK It’s on the ice mountain, Slippery Slope QUACK! Find my Mother and arrest the evil Chad’s brother Todd   QUACK!  go quickly and quietly and do not quarrel. QUACK and do not return without QUACK my MOTHER!!

The brave knights asked no questions and quickly clattered off on their quest to rescue the Queen’s mother.
“Excuse me Your Majesty,” said the quivering messenger quietly. “In the market this morning I overheard some people speaking outside the farmer’s market, saying there is a witch who lives in a swamp who has the power to make any potion known to witch kind.”

“QUACK QUACK,” quacked Queen Rebecca. “Where is this QUACK swamp?”
“It is 63 kilometres North of Bumberlee Mountain, Your Majesty.” the quivering messenger answered.  “It is called Onionland swamp.”

“Thank you QUACK you are dismissed QUACK and close the big doors after you.” quacked the Queen.
Queen Rebecca summoned her loyal servant, John and ordered him to fetch food, water, a few loyal scouts, a negotiator and of course some mudproof boots and trousers.

After a delicious lunch Queen Rebecca waited for John, the Negotiator and the scouts to arrive.
Queen Rebecca dressed for the occasion, when she was ready, they discussed the plan to get the witch to join them and give the Queen the potion to reverse the Evil Chad’s spell.

When they reached Bumberlee Mountain they stopped and checked the map. They continued on until they saw in the distance the huge Onionland Swamp and a little hut.  In the hut the witch was brewing a potion.  You could hear the bubbling of the potion and the occasional ribbett of a frog.

Queen Rebecca, John and the Negotiator cautiously approached the hut and knocked on the door.
The witch opened the door and shouted,


The Negotiator spoke nicely and asked the witch if they could have the potion to rid the Queen of her quacks.
The witch agreed and gave the Negotiator a small bottle of yellow liquid.  Queen Rebecca quickly swallowed all the yellow liquid.

“Thank you” said the Queen, her quacks all gone. “Would you like to come and live in my castle?”
“No thank you,” said the Witch.

When the Queen, the Negotiator and scouts returned to the castle they saw the brave Knights waiting patiently with the Queen’s Mother and the evil Todd in hand cuffs.