Darkness had fallen.

The dark devil clouds melded together perfectly like a puzzle making me glide lower in the majestic sky of Blacktown. The telephone lines stood high and tall supporting the dull wires proudly. The sun said its gently goodbye as sunlight slowly disappeared over the mountains.  ‘It is a warning,’ I thought. My strong razor-sharp claws grabbed onto the electric wires intensely as a gust of wind roared and howled. I treasured every breath of wind which blew through my iridescent coloured feathers. A rosy, soft light feather fell but the wind boosted it.

The feather landed on a boy’s neck then on his shoulder as one of his hands tried to sweep the feather away and the other still sat firmly on the bike’s brake. He giggled, snatching the feather from the air and stuffing it inside his pocket. He rode his bike back and forwards, left and right every day. From the moment I saw him, I knew I was his protector.
Darkness engulfed Blacktown like a heavy blanket. Blacktown isn’t exactly the place of paradise. It was dark, dangerous and crime rates are high which made some women refuse to come out of their houses without a man by their sides.

Homeless people were sitting on the side of the street begging for a dollar. Drugs and cigarette packages were thrown on the cruel, cold street.  For many people stealing was their last card to play in life. I glanced at each shop with hard metal bars firmly guarding the windows and the broken blinds swooping and waving with the wind.
“You are such a disappointment!” I set off to a shabby, old, worn-down house where the insult came from.
“I wish I had never had you!” The boy’s mother took another gulp of beer and shook feeling terribly drunk.

The poor bottle slammed onto the crusty wall. The boy swung his hands over his head rapidly as he carefully reached into his pockets searching for the feather and held it close to his chest. His mother’s beefy arms hovered in the air, as they were about to land on the boy, she collapsed. I felt helpless watching from the window as a tear rolled down the boy’s cheek as he weakly stood up from the corner. The feather was not just an element of beauty: it was an amulet.

I chirped at the top of my lungs as the boy peeked from the window and the look in his eyes met as mine. I flapped my wings and flew towards the sunset letting the last bit of warmth hit my body as I lifted my head and waited. The boy ran outside without any hesitation and leapt onto his bike and followed.

I didn’t know where I was going. All l knew was I trusted him and he trusted me. I flew, he rode leaving the past behind and living in the moment. After all, I am his one and only protector.