On a silent red, floating rocky planet
In the glittering shining light up stars

I can see
Great green gecko’s chatting to trusted neighbours
Red rocky rolling boulders tumbling down a hill
Holes deep in the rocky floor blowing big brown bubbles
Volcanoes erupting air making all the wind spill

I can hear
Bang! Bang!  Of the boulders passing by
The roar of volcanoes bursting out air
Pop of the big brown bubbles, spikes flying through the air
Hiss of the snakes glaring at their prey

I can feel
The uneven rocky floor placed underneath my hand
The taste of healthy fruit dancing along my tongue
A sickness comes to mind because there is no gravity
Gecko’s looking happy playing with friends all day

My senses come alive on this planet here today
I probably won’t be back cause its in out of space