In the dry times,
My mate and I make rhymes,
There’s no rain in the clear hot summer skies,
Trucks come here and by,
Through our little dry town Boolundi,

We weep more than drink,
One blink we have water next to nothing,
Life is hard in our little town Boolundi,
Losing more people day to day,
All moving to the cities ,

Lines run through our little town Boolundi,
Stores running out of water liters daily,
Cracks run through our roads,
My mates mournfully moved from Boolundi,

Our lives have been like a rollercoaster,
The wind blows steaming air through me,
As our little town Boolundi slowly died,
The buzz of flies fills my eardrums,

Our water is nearly at Day Zero,
Day Zero, one week away,
Last water truck rolls down the ghostly road,
It’s nearly Day Zero,

A single toilet flush costs nine litres,
Fifty litres is all we get a day,
No rain has fallen on the land for ages,
As I run out of pages,

A single drop lands on my head,
It rains, it rains, I tell you,
As I go to bed,
I hear the pitter patter,
As our little town Boolundi comes back to life.