The year was 2987, and a large wall stretched from one end of the country, to the other, splitting it directly in half. But not only did it split the region, it split society. On one side lived the male population, and on the other, the female.

Both were oblivious of each other’s presence. This was done to ensure order in society. With separation, there was no need to worry about any unfair treatment from one sex to another, and no need to worry about any violation of rights.

This wall had been built 235 years ago. Just as long as the Dura Family has possessed dominance over Novterra, the newly established nation on land once known as Australia. Other than the citizens, things weren’t too different on each side of the wall. For example, there were still long roads, framed by houses, that connected to larger areas consisting of shopping centres, parks, and so much more. And the Duras’ had power over it all.

On the female side, lived Norma and Debi. Besides the rulers themselves, no one knew what was on the other side of the wall. But, with no way of knowing, people liked to envision it in manners such as movies, television shows and song lyrics. Norma, sitting on the couch in her cosy home, watched one of these television shows with her friend Debi, who sat up in her wheelchair.

Although most of the shows involve monsters and dangerous creatures, this show in particular, mentioned a wildlife conservation with dangerous animals called ‘bears’ and ‘lions’. It states that the Duras built the wall to protect the civilians from these ‘ferocious creatures’. Although Debi never really cared much for these shows, Norma always wanted to hear whatever crazy ideas people could come up with.

“I really don’t see what you like about these shows, Norma. Why do you really care what is on the other side?” Asks Debi.
“The real question here,” Norma replies, “Is why don’t you care? There could be a whole new world on the other side, and we have absolutely no clue.”
“Well, we are both stuck on this side, aren’t we? Why is there any need to question something that we will never have the answer to?”
“I guess,” Norma responds, “I just thought it was interesting. Like, imagine if there was another group of people just like us. Or a new, undiscovered species.”
“The Duras know what’s over there, if it is important enough, they will deal with it. And I’m sure that Scelus would tell us if there was anything to worry about.”

Scelus Dura was the current heir to throne, and she possessed more power than anyone. Even her predecessors.

“There probably isn’t much over there, anyways. For all I care, it is just flat concrete as far as the eye can see.”
“I know, but I just can’t help being curious. Everything here is the same, every day. We wake up, look at the wall. Go to the park, look at the wall. Every night, just before bed, I’ll look out my window and see the wall.” Norma sighs. “It’s always there, yet we don’t have any clue what it conceals.”
“Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s nothing that I can do about it. Even if I wanted to, I can’t. Last time I checked, its not very easy to climb in a wheelchair. But that’s beside the point, there is absolutely nothing we can do without the Duras’ permission. Do you really think they’d let a couple of old ladies look over the wall, just because they are curious? If they did, they may as well take down the wall and let the whole country know.”

And with that, Debi reached for the television remote, and changed the channel. Norma wanted to retort but decided it best to keep quiet. The screen now displayed the ‘24AT3 News Channel’. The reporter on screen spoke quite fast and appeared to be nervous, holding a very straight face that dripped with sweat. Around her, stood multiple reporters who stretched their arms forward, directing their microphones towards her.

The words ‘Breaking News’ suddenly appeared, stretching over the entire screen. “Citizens are urged to remain indoors on order of Scelus Dura herself!” Declared the reporter, “A dangerous creature is attempting to climb the wall! To ensure your safety, you must stay inside.”

If her speech hadn’t worried the viewers, her behaviour would have. She was so stressed, that the urgency of the matter was made very clear. On the brink of tears, she was hyperventilating and fiddling with her loose strands of hair with shaking hands. She began to speak again, but no sound was heard over the screams that followed.

The news reporter, and those surrounding her, ran off somewhere behind the camera, and from the top of the wall emerged a figure. A tall, lanky figure. With two arms and legs, it looked almost identical to a person. In fact, it was a person. But, thanks to the wall, and the Duras’ strict policies, the citizens living on this side of the wall had absolutely no clue what a ‘man’ was.

Norma looks over at Debi, “See! I knew there must’ve been something over there! See!” Debi didn’t respond, but slowly turned her head back to face the television set. The man wore clothing similar to that of most women, just a blaiser and trousers. But despite the low-cut hair, there was something about him that made him different than a woman, but no one could quite put their finger on it.

“Do not fear me!” he spoke in a low tone, “I am not here to harm anyone.” Despite these words, the remaining people did not seem to calm down at all. “My name is Osten Vir, and I am just like you. I too have been trapped behind this wall, not knowing what was on the other side. Well, here’s your answer!” He raises his arms high in the air, “Me. They have hidden half of the country from you! There is a whole civilisation over here, filled with people just like you. The Duras’ have hidden us from each other with this obnoxious wall.” The sound of mumbled conversations fills the air.

“I stand here today, to represent my fellow males, and make a stance against the government systems. We, males and females, are equal, and we should not have to live separate lives, in solitary societies, divided by this giant wall.” He points to one of the many reporters, a stocky girl with dark hair held up by a silver hair pin, “You. Will you stand with me, and make a point? I am no monster, no dangerous beast to steer clear of. I am just like you. Human. Guilty of nothing except wanting freedom for those around me.”

With a look of dread on her face, she steps forward. “Okay.” Osten lifts a ladder over the wall, and she climbs it, joining him on the top. They stand, hand-in-hand looking down at the people who remain. From the left of the camera, a hand emerges, yielding a revolver. “We, the people, will make a stance against the government.” Osten declares, “We will destroy this wall, and live as one. Who’s with m-“ Bang!

His sentence is cut short, as he and the reporter’s bodies are thrown backwards, falling from the wall. The arm is lowered, and its owner is revealed. Scelus Dura. Suddenly, the image viewed on the television screen changed. It now displayed a football game. Norma, confused by the sudden change of show, looked over at Debi. She had the television remote in hand, and continued to change the channel yet again.

“Why did you change it?” Norma asks. “Don’t you wanna see what’s on the other side of the wall?”
“No, I don’t.” She replies.
“But did you hear what he said? There’s been a whole civilisation over there, this whole time, and we’ve had no clue!” There is a moment of silence before Norma continues. “I wonder if there are more people out there now, trying to get over the wall?”
“Well, I’m not gonna,” answered Debi, “You saw what happened to those two. I don’t wanna get shot.”

Norma lets out a long, sad sigh. “I guess.”
“Either way, I wouldn’t be able to climb it.”
“What?” asked Norma, distracted. “Either way, I wouldn’t be able to climb it. I’m in a wheelchair.”