Growing up as a child in this cold, harsh world
War, crime, discovery, a new age uncurled

History vanishing, war standing its place
Planets being discovered, way up in space

Self consciousness, jealousy, hatred and greed
Who cares about another person’s need?

Do you abide by the rules? Or do you make your own way?
Do you follow the crowd or do you have your own say?

Clocks tick, tick ticking, this time is racing
Each hour gets quicker, another day we are facing

Murder, rape, friendship and lies
Countries, states, cities and allies.

Everyone always says to put hundred percent in
But when you stop and think, what does it really mean?

Are they telling you to face each day with a smile?
Or are they trying to say push harder and make it worthwhile?
Are you gonna try drugs! Maybe shorten your years
Pressure from family, friends and peers
Which country to live in, which state, which nation?
You only get to live once or is there reincarnation?

What happens after death? Is there other life out there?
Who is God and are these answers somewhere?

Each day we get older. Growing in time
Make every day worthwhile, it’s a one in a lifetime