As the young girl, Lily, stared into the meadow, a slight smile crept up on her pale face. She sat comfortably on her pillowy bed and absorbed all of nature through her deep, green eyes. The scent of oak tickled her feet whilst she rested her damp hands that shook with the cool breeze. The sky was painted with rich shades of orange, as the sun emerged from the clouds.

Lily’s bones that bulged out of her rosy cheeks were deeply embraced with warmth and love. As the wind brushed across the grass, Lily inhaled the crisp air leaving specks of peace resting over her soul. Flowers bloomed in the distance whilst colours bounced through the clear blue sky. Suddenly, a soft and delicate melody began to resonate in her ears. It stroked her heart with comfort and relaxation, letting her hear nature’s song.

As Lily entered the depth of the meadows, birds began to chirp gently alongside nature’s song. The meadow was delicately painted by light strokes of green with hints of yellow. The waves of grass danced contentedly with the wind, as the melody repeated itself. The young girl felt as if she had entered a peaceful world when swimming in the depths of the field.

Her knotted hair began to sway with the grass, as it followed the rhythm of the wind. Lily spread her arms out in freedom whilst running her narrow and bony fingers through the moist and rich soil. She carried a straw basket where fallen leaves and flowers were placed and nurtured. Lily wanted to preserve and protect nature and restore it with love. She gently rested over the dry tips of the grass whilst smiling at the blue sky. As the sun settled into the clouds, the sound of galloping drew closer to Lily. It felt like the percussion to this melody.

Lily laughed joyfully whilst a silhouette of love embraced her. She stared at the green ocean of grass ahead.

“Home at last. This is where I belong!” Lily exclaimed whilst kicking her thick leather boots stirring a puddle of water. The melody began to drill into Lily’s ears and loosened her tight and fragile body. “Oh, how I love to be free!” Lily cried as the grass tickled her gently. As the sky grew dark and stars appeared, a layer of mist delicately covered the surroundings.

Lily skipped towards the light where her farmhouse stood. She grasped her basket, never letting go of her connection with nature. “Tomorrow I shall hear the melody after the rebirth of a new day,” she said excitedly whilst gently shutting the thick timber doors of her farmhouse.

Lily’s farm was encased in patches of mould and dirt that blended into the crimson colour of the timber wood. The paint began to peel off the walls and droop in despair whilst vines of ivy spread across the windows, blocking all light.

Old pictures and tapestry contained an entire layer of dust whilst a sour scent covered each room. Ancient carpets itched Lily’s feet in discomfort. The house stood weakly as floorboards cracked with every footstep. Despite this, the farm accommodated and preserved all generations and memories of Lily’s family.

Goosebumps appeared from Lily’s bony arms as she entered the gloominess of her bedroom, wanting to feel the comfort of nature. As she nestled under her cold bedsheets, she hummed nature’s melody. As Lily drifted off to sleep, she realised that every note of this melody was her calling to be one with nature.