The wind brushes my face as I step closer and closer to the wondrous road filled with colours and life
The sound of the leaves rustling against each other
Trees swaying to the rhythm of the howling wind
The air tickled my nose as I inhaled the fresh air of flower petals dancing in the breeze

I felt the lushes grass flow below my feet brushing against my legs gently
The river streams were glimmering like 100 tiny diamonds reflecting the glow of the bright blue sky
Everything in nature has its place , a hint of love , a form of grace.
Oh, there is wonder, a mystery to be undone , hidden delights yet to uncover

The nature’s world is a miracle to discover
Mother Nature takes all the pain yet light still makes its way through
So she can heal our sorrows
Our worries

She takes away our anger
Nature is the only thing I can reveal my emotions to
I Scream out anything I hide inside me and Mother Nature just sits and listens
Noone can make fun of me, no one can judge me

This is my freedom
To be away from all the problems
To just be surrounded by peace
That is nature’s gift