Have you heard your friends or relatives babbling on and on about ghosts and monsters? Well, I didn’t really think this stuff was real until the day I turned ten, I was thinking maybe they were right. It was a foggy October night and I was sleeping in my bed after a long, tiring afternoon. I couldn’t get a blink of sleep that night and I was staring into pure darkness. The grandfather clock chimed. I counted the chimes. DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! 12 chimes.

It was midnight. I sat up in my bed and peered across the gloomy room. Then something caught my eye. A light shadow ran across my cupboard wall and then disappeared, as something fell on my face. It was a piece of paper and as I turned on my lamp I saw it was a poem. I was just about to read it when the light turned off. I tried to flick it on but it was turned off by the switch. I looked down. Under me was my sister, Poppy sleeping at the bottom of our bunk bed. ‘Sophie’ whispered a ghostly voice.

A chill ran up my spine. All of a sudden, my eyes flashed and I could see in the dark! The poem didn’t say much information exempt for a few random squiggly words that made no sense to me. This is what it said: Woosh! Long ago, in the olden times we ghosts used to lurk around, But when more of us formed, we tried to run but were found. But one day, a human, with the darkest brown hair, Will find us, unlike the other ones to spare!

Nowadays, we follow her, in the darkest hours of night. She might get scared or stay awake in fright, but that’s no use, because soon she’ll find out that she’s unlike other sights. For when we’re around she can see like a owls eyes! So look out, for we wan’t your power. We’ll follow you til’ we drain your light! “So it looks like a bunch of ghosts are looking for me and want to take my power of seeing in the dark but don’t ghosts already have that power? And they take it by…. draining my light? What does that mean?” I thought.

I looked down. “Poppy? Poppy! Are you awake?” I whispered. But then, there was no use asking, because well, she was gone. Then something caught my arm. Something cold and icy. I looked up. I thought I never would see one, since they were invisible, but to my disappointment, they were there.

Right in front of me.