The water splashed my thighs as I turned to face the view ahead. It was cloudy and I felt like it was going to rain. My bare feet were running on the sticky sand. It tickled my feet and I started to giggle. It was later that morning when the sky filled with grey clouds that dampened my mood. I wish I could be out splashing in the refreshing waters instead of being inside. My joy grew the next day as I took the bus to the clearing. It was full of nature’s wonderful creations, and it was quiet. No people. No noise. Just the sound of my own breath.

Suddenly I heard cheering and yelling coming from the huts that lived a mile down from the clearing. I ran and spied on them to see what they were up to. Burglars were there. Robbing their good fortunes and allowance. I was about to jump in when I realised it was just a detective movie in session.

It was not real. So much for my quick thinking. I skipped back and found a little relaxation area. It was perfect. I could finally live in peace, nothing else would be distracting me. I am one with the universe.

I yawned as the sound of animal licking awoke me. It was my Jack Russel Sunny. His golden mane was out fierce like a lion, but his eyes were pleading with my heart, making it flutter wildly. “Oops,” I said as I saw my surroundings. “I must have sleepwalked home somehow.” I got out of my warm bed and turned to the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of toast and halved it. One half for me and one half for Sunny.

I laid down on the sofa with my dog being my snugly blanket. I decided not to stay in my house today. I would rather walk on the sandy beach once again. I did just that. I put Sunny on a lead, and he walked with me. I did not care if I was partly tangled in the lead. I just wanted this moment to be treasured and remembered for all those years to come.

The end.