I was standing outside my doorstep, every part of my body paralysed at what I saw. Something I saw shook me to the core. I had mixed feelings about this mission. My DNA was different from everyone else and. The mix of emotions overtook me as I fell to the floor sobbing in anger and misery.

I was not from this world but from Utopia. Where the trees danced to music and nothing can stop them from moving, the bushes thinner than a stick and fruits sour instead of sweet. My home. Every emotion of mine was overpowered and helped me overcome my biggest secret. If it was exposed, the whole world would be out to get me.

I was the saviour of My Universe and all the rest. My Universe was the galaxy of the planets. As the world evolved, so did the galaxy and the Milky Way soon ceased to exist. All the horoscopes and constellations were gone and it was up to me to help.

The constellations were Utopia’s way of communication to me. I understood everything while the humans thought they were just pretty to look at. I had one human friend and she understood everything. She was also part Utopian. We had been brought here together to help in the evolution.

Asa Swartz had ruined our world, figuring out the signs as he was Utopian as well. He would hunt for me and my friend as he knew our mission was to save My Universe.