“Bye Maya!” Cried Summer, my school friend. I smiled and waved my hand, then immediately returned to reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling. This was the eighth time I was reading it, and I don’t think I would ever get bored of it, honestly. “Maya, “said a soft voice.

I immediately looked up. It was granny. She smiled at me then gestured me to come over to her. I nodded my head then ran straight towards her, then hugged her tightly. She smelt like fresh roses like always. “Oof Maya, are you trying to suffocate me? “she joked. I grinned. Granny pulled of my bag, but I stopped her. “Granny I’m in year six and I think I can carry my own bag,” I mentioned, looking up from my book. “Well, you’ve got dozens of books in dumped in there, it’s too much burden on your shoulders,” she replied kindly.

“Well, if I give you my bag, it’ll be too much burden on your shoulders,” I replied seriously. Granny hesitated for a moment. I knew she wanted to say something but knew there was no point in arguing.  Looks like I had won the argument. 

The afternoon sky seemed different. Shades of orange pink and pastel blue all blended in like an acrylic painting. The sun had hidden behind the clouds, creating a silver lining around the edges of the clouds. It reminded me of the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining” – meaning that there’s always good in a bad situation.

 I was telling granny about a percept Mrs. Lake had taught us in our English class. After I had finished telling her, I waited for her response, but she was silent. I looked around, then behind me. Nothing, but a young man with an adorable white and grey puppy, with a collar that read “Daisy.”

That’s when I started to panic. My chest felt heavy and tight. Fear started rising up my chest and my cheeks turned tomato red. Immediately after her disappearance, helicopters started whirling above the city. Children blocked their ears, while babies started crying hysterically because of the ear bleeding noise. I noticed some speedy black taxis turning from every direction.

My heart was pounding fiercely. I closed my eyes tightly hoping it was all a dream, then opened them, but there was no difference. I was still in the same city chaos. I started glancing around, hoping to spot granny. It felt impossible to do such a thing with all this running and screaming going on around me. I had no idea what was going on. That’s when I spotted her, standing on top of a tall building in the city. At least I thought it was her.

I shook my head and sighed. “Granny, how on earth did you get there?” That’s when I realized that she was wearing a mask around her eyes, a granny superhero and had made a stylish bun in her greyish white hair. I chuckled. The mask looked like it was made from an old scarf. “Granny!’ I yelled, but she couldn’t hear me. I crossed my fingers, hoping she could see me through her mask.

About six men in black suits and dress pants gathered around granny. From the look on her face, I could tell she was nervous, even though I was fifteen meters below from where she was standing. Granny pulled out a wooden stick, from behind her. A walking stick. I was confused. Granny never used a walking stick. She started spinning it in the air like she was professional in martial arts or something. Maybe she is, after all she is a superhero. A superhero that I never knew about. 

Suddenly I had the urge to help her. I started searching my bag for weapons or…objects. “A book!” I yelled, as I snatched the chamber of secrets out of my bag. By then, granny was helping little children get to their mummies and daddies safely. I ran towards the building, but some men stopped me.

“Hang on ‘ere  young lady,” said a man in sunglasses. I wondered if he was wearing them as a disguise. I used the book in my hand and threw it right at him. He fell straight to the concrete below him. I snickered. “Well that was easy,” I thought to myself. Meanwhile, granny had already knocked down all six of the men and they were all lying flat on top of the building.

Granny smacked the remaining men in black suits with her wooden stick, as he scurried towards me. “Young lady, you should get to your granny I suppose,” said the old lady in the scarf mask with a Wink. I looked at her puzzled. “But you are my granny,” I replied.

Granny stared at me, puzzled. “How could you tell?” she whispered, hoping no one could hear her. I chuckled. “With a disguise as obvious as that, I’m sure the whole world could tell that it was you under the mask,” I giggled. She smiled at me. There was a pause of silence.

“Geez granny, what was that all about?” I asked quizzically. “Well sweet pea, let’s just say that those were some of my enemies back then,” she replied, looking around for any more men in black suits. “Will the police get us in trouble?” I questioned. “Um, no. But those men would get in trouble instead, I can tell you that, “she replied. Suddenly, all the people around us started cheering and clapping.

Even the babies! The parents and children chanted “Super Granny.” People also came rushing out of the buildings after they had realized that the danger was over, holding up signs that said stuff like “You are AWESOME!” or “Yay, you did it!” Granny tinted a smile and waved, like she was a celebrity. Who knew that one day I would have a completely ordinary granny and the next day my granny’s a total superhero!!