I walked down mesmerized
Moving my head side to side
At the beauty of nature
Letting my eyes look further
Colors blending with the crimson sky.

I passed daisies and lavenders
With their leaves in a curl
Along side delicate roses
Giving  their best poses
And a watering can to quench their thirst.

A small healthy veggie patch
Lay flat on the green garden mat
Surrounded by saplings of all kind
Orange, guava, lemon and lime
Next to a tree with a scratch.

A patterned pearl fence
Like a barrier , quite immense
Towering over pieces of mulch
Brown , crooked and unevenly bunched
Stretching end to end.

Variety of colors mixing in
Red, orange , green and pink
Give the garden its shine
Fragrance in the air starts to fly
A garden as enchanted as a ring.