My favourite place in the whole wide world
Would be somewhere near the sea, 
Lying on the sand, the breeze on my face
Is my favourite place to be.
I love the cool ocean breezes
That comb my bait with their fingers,
And when the breezes fade away
The strong salty smell still lingers.
I love the clear sparkling water
That changes from blue to green,
The little fish that hide down below
And vanish whenever they’re seen.
I love digging my toes in the sand
That is warm like a recently used toaster, 
Swimming out in the sea, away from the shore
And riding a roller coaster.
I love exploring the rock pools
That are safe when the tide is low,
The sun’s bright rays hit the water
The colour reflects like a tiny rainbow.
You see people surfing and swimming
Little children rolling and tumbling, 
On the shore, people trying to build sandcastles,
working quickly before the sand starts crumbling.
Gradually the bright sun starts to set
And people get packed up to go,
I hang around because I want to see
The horizon when the sun gets low.
Before long the horizon has changed
The colours are beautiful to see.
The soft pinks and purples stream over the beach
Engulfing everything in sight, even me.
And as I watch this amazing sight
A smile spreads over my face,
There is nowhere else that I’d rather be
Because the beach is my favourite place.
I take one last look at the pink setting sun
And one last splash in the sea,
I turn to leave and I think to myself
This beach hasn’t seen the last of me!