My uncle is an inventor. One day, I was searching for the attic in my uncle’s house. I found a very strange machine with many dials, buttons and levers. On the side, there was a button that said ‘ON’.

I went closer to the machine. It looked like an oven with more buttons and levers. There was something on the top of the machine that said ‘Time Machine 01’. I was very mystified by it and went down to the house. I wanted to ask my uncle what this suspiciously big machine was, but then I remembered that he told me to stay here while he bought parts from the mechanic and the mechanic lives far away from here.

I went back to the attic and put on one of my uncle’s helmets. It was little bit big for me, but I didn’t really care. Then I pushed the ‘ON’ button. BEEP!

The machine started whirring and rumbling. WHOOOOSSSHH!!! I was suddenly in the machine, trapped in a sea of moments!

I was amazed with this machine and suddenly saw a lever that could move all around in front of me. So I pushed it left. The machine went to the left. I tried pushing it to the right. The machine went to the right. Instead of going forwards, left and right, I steered it properly. It was VERY hard! It took a while to get used to. But then I got control. I suddenly saw a picture of me building a giant epic sandcastle. So I steered to that memory wave. When I splashed it, I didn’t get wet, for some reason.
When I splashed it, I was on the beach, with a tiny machine in my hand. So I put the machine in my pocket. I had fun building the sandcastle again and again. It was SO big I could fit inside. I went in the sandcastle several times, until the tide went in a bit. But then I panicked. How was I supposed to get back home to my uncle’s house?! I went behind a hill so no one see me. I tried throwing the machine on the sand. It didn’t work. Surprisingly, it didn’t break. I tried blowing on it and it didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do and it was getting late. So I gave up and did a silly crocodile snap and threw it again the tiny machine but this time on the rocks.

Then, when I lifted my arm from the machine, it dropped onto the sand by itself and grew bigger.


I pressed the ‘ON’ button and climbed inside. And soon I was in the memory sea. But there was another problem. I didn’t know how to get back home! And then I saw a button next to the steering lever that said ‘RESET’. Unexpectedly my problem was solved.

I pressed it and in one white flash I was back in my uncle’s attic and still inside the machine. I got out and went down to the house. And just in time! My uncle came back! I quickly explained to him my adventure and asked if I could always use it. And he said I could! But with one condition. Always ask PERMISSION.