The busy intersection of New York City was pretty much impossible to not get lost in. The sun was starting to fall off the edge of a couple Big Apple skyscrapers. Honks of horns could be heard, the smell of Starbucks coffee was wafting through the afternoon air. The sickening smell of cigarettes was bouncing off alley walls and filling open window rooms with the poisonous taste flowing down inhabitants throats and into their lungs.

Asanah Cruz hurried down a busting main street not even flustered at the thought of being late to fencing class or getting kidnapped. This was NYC life and to get used to it you had to be in it. A young girl wearing Chanel.5 perfume and designer clothes was a normal appearance in the Big Apple, though walking down the main street to fencing class wasn’t a ‘Rich Momma’ style.
Asanah was an agent for Kaleidoscope. She was not just any type of agent she had been recruited because of her style, her technique, her power over things and the fact that her Momma was the boss.

Asanah fished her phone from out of her bag. “Shoot”, she thought, “It’s already 6:28pm, I’m gonna be late! ” She took off running, only stopping by post boxes and construction sites for an occasional rest and a drink of her Hydrolyte. When Asanah reached the building where her weekly fencing lesson was held,  there was a scruffy muscular man leaning against a truck, near the front entrance.  “Your fencing lesson has been moved sweetie-pie so get in and hitch a ride”,  he told her.

“Cool, hopefully I’ll make it there.” she told herself under her breath. She jumped in the truck, but was immediately thrown to the rear tied up with a mountain of duck tape. This tape ran across the middle of her mouth and a fertiliser bag was flung over her head. She struggled to stand on her own two feet. Asanah pulled the fertiliser bag off her head. She flicked her hands around behind her back and lightly touched a part of her watch… TING!

A mini laser popped out of her watch and a crackling sensation filled her wrists as the mini laser burned the rope around her hands. Asanah stood up and moved over to one see what was stored in boxes that were i the truck with her.  It was filled with chocolate figures.  While Asanah was searching for her bag she accidentally leant forward an fell upon the box and  cracked one of the chocolate gnomes. A seam of what seemed like beams of sun rays-enough to burn your eyeball to its end, shone out.  “Gold?”, thought Asanah.  “No! It can’t be!” 

This is a delivery from the illegal mine underneath NYC being delivered some-…………”  At that moment  the man in the passenger seat turned around. doors ,  “Hey kid! No snooping!” he grouched.  Asanah was alarmed, she fell back  and hit the other side of the truck, also bursting the plastic insulation in the walls of the truck. Now she could hear everything. The Driver’s conversation indicated that they were in a city, but not just any city,

Asanah stuck her head out of the little hole in the truck and gaped so widely that the mountain of tape on her mouth burst from it’s grip. Suddenly, Asanah ducked her head back in and took a run up to a karate kick shattering the glass that separated her from the driver’s passage. It was a small space to work with but it would do. “What are you doing kid?” came the response from an evil looking man it the front cabin.  

KABOOM he was out like a pig snoring. This night was firing off to a great start and it was good that Asanah had stretched her calves while she was in the back of the truck for a couple of hours. She was on a real mission now and it was her biggest one yet. Don, the name of the guy who was driving, was starting to fume with a red face like a tomato. Asanah took a surprise attack on him and kicked him out of the truck. Asanah ceased the accelerator and jumped out of the car. She put her hand a couple of inches away from the…. KAPOOF… the car lifted off its wheels, sparkling in the evening sunset.

The busy LA streets filled with the honks of horns, the toxic smell of cigarettes and the smell of Starbucks wafting through the air thought Asanah. This is like home away from home. “Hey sweetie pie, come hitch a ride with your Momma and tell me about your first mission as an agent… was it fun?” Asana turned around and instead of Don, the driver it was her mother, Selena Cruz.

“So baby girl, are you gonna tell me or not?” Oh, Asanah was going to tell her, she was going to tell her more things than she imagined after all she had just solved case……
#679,872 of NYC and LA, The Caper of Nine Lives of Gold.