The unique sound reverberates through the dark, musty corridor of a gramophone. As I grasp the perfectly polished handle, I hear a faint childish giggle coming from inside. As I look within, I am hit with a blast of natural light coming from the window. In the corner of the room, I see Georgina jiving to the beat. With her feet tapping and her hips swaying slightly, she is in her own world.

As she looks out the window in the clear blue sky, it brings her back to her dancing days. Her electric blue eyes have a gleam and her wizened face is beaming. She is in her happy place. She sways back and forth, the beat echoing in her bones; her brain; her heart.

As she closes her eyes, she imagines herself holding hands with her husband. When he was there, she was never unhappy. He was everything to her. Her dance partner, her mentor, her husband, her true love. She imagines him tracing her hand, comforting her and reading to her. I see a tear trickle down her weathered skin. As the music stops, I greet her with a round of applause and she stiffly curtseys.

As I walk forward, I stumble into a pink armchair next to a table with a vase of fresh flowers. Everything has its place, there is nothing without a home. A bookshelf lines the far wall filled with trophies, medals and certificates. “That was when we danced at Las Vegas.” She pointed to a bejeweled cup. “And that was when we danced in the Australian outback”.

She stated proudly as she drew attention to a golden medal. I pull a book from the shelf and help her to sit down on the velvet armchair. I study the front cover. The words ‘Jane Eyre’ intertwine into the curling vines that are pictured on the cover. Georgina’s favourite book. “There was no possibility for taking a walk that day, we had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery….” My voice drones off as Georgina slowly falls asleep.