You see we run with food
And a very good  mood
A trip to the market a week
Is what makes the meal we seek

Whether it be a nice crunchy salad
Always appeals to the palette,
A creamy chicken pasta,
Or a yummy beef lasagne

The combinations are endless
Others would feel jealous
All the plans in our head,
The mouth-watering meals  ahead

The selection is quick
as quick as hedgehog Sonic
From the  downs of our grazed land
nurtured with love and gloved hands

Notes and coins as golden as honey
In the arms the variety of money!
Fabric Bags tight
Packed into the car with all your might

The process commences
Contemplating those expenses
Washing, cutting & frying
Searing or grilling all extremely satisfying
The rich aroma lingers,
The impatient taste test with the fingers,
The pitter  and patter of the water to the glass
Elegant flowers dancing in the vase

The weary sigh as you take a seat
Fixating the eyes on the meat
Metal cutlery: a fork and spoon
Desiring to dig in so soon!

The feeling of bliss as it melts in the mouth,
Yet remaining extremely couth
From the heart of the market is where its starts,
Not a delivery box or a mart!