One regular Tuesday morning while I was frantically preparing for school, my kitchen door flew open and standing there was a boy about seventeen years old. He had dark, scruffy hair, a suit, a small stubby nose and blue eyes like mine.

He was holding a picture of my mum, that boy and me as a baby. I was very confused and scared. You would have been too if a strange boy showed up at your door uninvited. Now before you read the end of this you have just got to know that I am an eight-year-old girl who has a mental problem of screaming at the smallest things. Well, I think you can guess what I did. Yep, that is right, I screamed. As soon as mum heard my scream, she sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen. When she saw the boy standing in the doorway, she fainted.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes and sat up. I crouched over my mum whilst the boy was still standing in the doorway. He hadn’t moved at all. I helped my mum onto a chair, and she had no idea what had happened until she saw the boy. She started shaking all over and was sweating, until I finally calmed her down and asked for the full story.

At first, she was hesitant to tell me but then when she saw how much I needed to know, she told me. She said that when she was in the hospital giving birth to me, she had left the boy with my father at home. At first when she said at home and father, I was shocked. I didn’t understand. She went on that she had a very difficult time giving birth to me. But after I was born, I was a perfect child. I never cried or wet the bed. I learned to speak many different languages with ease and was the smartest kid ever.

I joined preschool at the age of four as a normal child, but when we were meant to be colouring or playing with stuffed toys, I was reading adult books. The teacher once found me reading an encyclopedia. She told my mum about this and moved me up to year 1. I was so smart that I skipped Kindy and pre-school.

She then told me that the boy who was still standing in the doorway was my brother. When I heard this I nearly fainted. Instead, I just screamed as you would have guessed. I was so confused and so I just asked the question that I never thought might make my mother cry a river. I asked why my brother didn’t live with us and why he had suddenly turned up at our house.

I shouldn’t have asked that question. We were all swimming in my mother’s tears. She cried so much, and we couldn’t make her stop. This went on for ages, and I was going to be so late for school. When we finally calmed her down and she stopped crying, she told us the rest of the story.

This next bit hit me like I had just been struck by lightning. My mother told me that I had had a father once. She went on saying that my father had thought that when I was older, I was going to take over his company and leave him deserted in the streets. She also went on saying that my father had chosen my brother to take with him when he left me.

I was devastated that he would just leave me like that. My father had taken my brother to live with him and his new wife on the other side of the city. My mum had no choice. I was so confused by the time mum had finished the story. If this was all true, then why was my brother here. Well, you will have to find out!
Hi, my name is Maddie, and this is my story!