It was Saturday night, just as the warm Aussie sun settled down and lowered itself over the Indian Ocean, I was at home chilling, waiting for my mate to come round to drop me the key to a crazy thrilling night I was getting ready for. The time was about 6:50 pm and my mate rang and said he would be there in 5 minutes. 

I packed my bag filling it with warm clothes to fight the night’s numbing temperatures. I heard my mate’s loud Hilux van pull up out the front.  I walked outside to greet him and gave him my twenty dollar pocket money and in exchange, he gave me the key. The key to a good night!

The back gate screeched behind me and then slammed shut as I got onto my dual suspension heavy duty mountain bike to start this adventure. I grabbed a small plastic bag from my zip pocket and got the drink bottle from its holder, not thinking I swallowed the key.  I felt the cap roll in my mouth and slurped it down. I put my foot on my performance pedals and stepped onto my steep driveway.  I checked my CASIO it was 7:21pm.
I pushed hard down on my right foot and pulled my two thousand dollar masterpiece towards my waist. The front wheel rose high toward the sky, taking off toward what we all called ‘space’. My body and my brain started to feel an empty buzz of a thrill. My pupils widened.

I wheeled my way to Murdoch station where I tagged on.  I rode the bike down the stairs to the station, reality was really changing by now, a slight fuzzing of red and green waves in my vision. A few moments later the train arrived and I wheeled on my bike. The other people gave me a faint stare and whatever left of myself being conscious was aware that my reality was changing and my body was buzzing. The acceleration from the train warped me and the pull of the speed teleporting warps sped things in the window as they flashed past.  The train stopped and started a couple of times.  I noticed the floor had amazing little patterns in the tiles and my eyes just couldn’t move.
I heard a loud voice in my head.
“The next stop is Aubin Grove.”
“That’s my stop” I said out loud to no one as the train wriggled to a stop. I got out and took the lift to the top.
I bombed on my bike, jumping down the bus port stairs and did a fat wheelie the length of the bus port.

I got to my mate’s dad’s house and my vision was full shaking. I was pinging hard.  The house smelled like old fossil and smokes. Alcohol was everywhere. It was Saturday night and I had the whole night to go as mad crazy as I liked. My mate’s dad, we called him Dave, was drunk as and his son was only fourteen.

The music was pumping loud and I felt the reality changing with a rush through my body. I had control over the music, for I‘d been playing some mad crazy drum and base songs and I felt my Serotonin and Dopamine being sucked out of my head and into my body, giving me packs of energy. My vison was rattling; I was realising everything around me was climaxing, peaking hard.  Luke was next to me smoking a cigarette. My jaw was tensing and I was getting so relaxed. I was feeling the best known sensations; I have only felt like this once before. At this moment in time, I was at my peak.

Somehow, we run outta’ smokes and I got up excitedly and walked over to David, Luke’s old man to ask for the car keys to his Jaguar X Pace. I realised, in my consciousness, Luke’s Dad was way too smashed to drive and I would not let Luke drive.  So, dardy guess, I was up for that challenge.  I was still getting higher and higher and felt that I needed to explode into everything and reach out to everyone that meant something to me.   I flipped my hat around backwards as I hopped into the driver’s seat of the $120,000 luxury car. I put my foot on the brake and clutch as I twisted the keys to turn on the twin turbo V8 engine.  It ticked and the turbo and speedometer switched on. The roar of the car, as I revved it in the garage, gurgled and echoed through the streets.

Luke realised we needed his dad because he was the only one over eighteen; so he hopped out of the passenger seat to get the old man.  Luke’s dad opened the back door and flopped in and the key continued to turn.