This is for my cute baby cousin Calvin and any other kids who feel small too.  And to my Mum thank you for being strong even in the hard times.  One day two little twins were born and brought much joy to their family, their names were Eleni and Mihaila Xanthos. They were very cute and kind but one thing was much unexpected they were so very brave and strong. They were so close and kind.  For a bit they lived in Sydney but after a while there Mama and Baba were saying that their relationship was not going anywhere so Mama took the two little babies and moved in with Papou and Yiayia’s home and lived there for two years and when Mama finally got money she moved to Greenslopes in a crumbly little home but it was all she could afford then she got them to a nice school were they made friends they were Nathan Little, Bent Degreve and Poppy Lin Trohear finally Joshua Hookey. A few years’ later two friends came Felix Meland and Payton Mobbs a few years later mama got a nice home and met a really nice man named Rob Mihaila and Eleni met Rob’s family and met his pregnant sister who had a cute baby boy called Archie. But mama, Eleni, Mihaila and Rob now had to move to a new house and even though new tough things come our way we inside are still little but strong.