It’s interesting How a leaf soaring through the sky, can quietly fall, in a deep dark forest. Finding nothing but shadows and broken branches with prickly thorns, as it slowly crumbles, piece by piece. Hiding its scars with bright yellow pigmented smiles But underneath all of that, There are hints of gloomy shades.

The leaf is paralyzed, it has no motive to move. However, a soft rhythm whispers into its ears. Invisible hands slowly sliding under the fragile golden heart, Lifting it into a luminous light. The pain still holds the leaf back, So, the wind starts to sing, and it starts to follow.

And suddenly, whoosh, off the leaf goes Beautiful notes are created as the air inhales, and exhales, The voice gets louder, Gathering more leaves Sucking them into a ring, as if consumed into a black hole. They start spinning, twirling, losing control Like a free-spirited soul. Listening to the delightful screaming Getting lost in harmony along with the melody, Dancing. Going around and round and round

The sound of a soft song catches the leaf’s attention, It follows the call, Drifting away from the whirlwind, Heading in a different direction Descending steadily, Flowing down, down, down Sinking into the earthy bed, Resting, But this time, peacefully. As it realizes it always has been surrounded by colour, And it can finally smile with pleasure.