Lucas is a 13 year old boy who works at the bakery to earn a little bit of money for his family as they didn’t have quite much of that.

One day, Lucas was walking the boring 10km journey to the bakery and decided to take a different path through the forest to cure his boredom. As he was walking through, he heard a feint but subtle yelping in the distance. Lucas found the location of the noise and saw a poor dog trapped under a small but heavy rock about the size of a laptop.

Lucas lost his schnauzer about 2 years ago, and hasn’t found him since, so he decided to help the poor dog. The dog was filthy and had really long matted hair. He pulled the rock off the dog. Lucas gave him some water and some of his lunch. The dog ate Lucas’ lunch up in a heartbeat.

He didn’t know who the owner was because their was no phone number or collar so he took him to the animal shelter, to see who owned him. The nurses at the animal shelter scanned his microchip, and what surprised Lucas was that it came up with his name. He finally remembered him; he had a flashback of him taking Archie, his dog, home from the shelter.

Lucas was so excited to take his long lost dog home, however, the nurses said he couldn’t take him home without proof that he he was the owner. He didn’t have any ID on him, so that was a big negative. He asked politely to use their telephone so he could call his mum, and surely they let him do exactly that. It was a few rings before his mum briefly answered the phone, but when she did answer, Lucas prioritised the situation so much, that he talked 1000 words a minute! His mum asked him to slow down.

He explained the situation slowly, and asked his mum to bring anything that would prove who he was. She brought Lucas’ birth certificate. The nurse let him take his old friend home, and Archie was as happy to see Lucas as Lucas was to see him.