His sword went straight through the skull of him, like cutting butter. Killing him. His town was free, he did it.

James lived in the town Phoenix, with his caretaker Rodgers who treated him like a father, he was James’s everything. A once enchanted land, people could sing, dance and just relax until their hearts were content. This land was so very magical. The water and food was amazing. The water and Earth benders were very nice. If only thing stayed like that.

The evil good for nothing sorcerer Phoenix took over, ruling with an iron fist. It All Changed! Thousands of people died, those who remained here, lived in horror and terror.

James had finished his daily jobs after hours, practicing kung fu, studying the arts of water and Earth benders and meditation. A water bender is a person who can move water with their hands, and a Earth bender is a person who can move rocks, trees and dirt with their hands. They protected the village from evil spirits, but when we needed them most they disappeared into thin air.

“James, I have a surprise for you, come over to me,” Yelled Rodger. The only surprise James ever got was goblins killing him in his nightmares. He rushed to Rodgers.

“W..w…what is it,” James stuttered felling as scared as an elephant seeing a mouse but as excited as a jumpy kangaroo.
“The past 14 years you have mastered kung fu and learned about water and Earth benders, I think it is time to test you,” said Rodgers with a smirk on his face as big as Uluru. He grabbed a bucket and filled it up with water.
“Now try to move it,” said Rodgers.
“That’s impossible,” responded James in confusion.

Rodger just walked out of the room. A few hours later, James tried again. He moved his hand and noticed the water had gone out of the bucket. A few hours went by, he had given up.

He remembered, his Dad used to say, “When in doubt don’t give up meditate.” He began to meditate. He tried again to move the water, he had made a sharp sword, he did it. Then he tried to make a bubble around him and other objects it worked, he did it. A day later, James could make a sharp sword and a bubble around him and other objects.

“You are ready my boy, you are a water bender. Go defeat Sorcerer Phoenix,” said Rodger watching from the door.
“I won’t let you down,” replied James. James had never been allowed out of the house because the small green goblins would get him and kill him.

James did not know how far he had walked, it felt like an eternity. James was so tiered his eyes just got heavier and heavier, he fainted. He woke up in a tiny cage, with 3 concreate walls and one wall being strong metal bars.

“Where am I?” he thought to himself. Goblins approached his sad gloomy cage.
“Chosen one he is, kill him we must.” They spoke a language that puzzled him, but he assumed that they were going to kill him because they were holding giant spears. They opened the cage, James stabbed one in the face going right through its skull. It fell to the ground, some ran away as fast as a cheetah but some stayed holding their ground. He sprinted down the long corridor.

“That was cool,” thought James. One tiny goblin shot a ting poison dart at him. It stopped, it hit something as hard as steel he had caught it with the water.
“Where did that water come from?” James questioned in his head. He looked to his right, he saw a goblin with all the water sucked out of him.

James used the water and put the two ugly green goblins in a huge water bubble suffocating them, until they drowned. He scooped up the water in his bottle his beautiful Mom gave him and sprinted down the spiral stairs that went on forever.