1932, Bendigo Australia. The whole household was deathly silent, except a single leak in the roof. Everyone was sleeping and had been for hours. Footsteps slowly started to echo through the rejected house. The moon reached its peak for half a second glowing through the corridor creating a silhouette of a small child.

As the moon fell back down the little child’s face was shown, she had short black hair that whipped her face. She wore a dirty white nightgown that fell to her ankles and she was extremely thin. The squeaky door driffeds open as the little girl walks into the dead night. She strolled through the damp grass with only her slippers on. Then she came across a miniature cliff.

Hours upon hours she stood in that same position watching over the damaged land until the sun had risen.  The girl rushed down the hill to the closest food bank and slid into the long spiraling line. Around 20 long minutes later she was at the front of the line.

The man out the front of the shop handed her 1 loaf of bread and slightly smiled, however the girl did not smile back. Stumbling through the small town she came across a large house. There were many people standing at the gate whispering to each other.

The petite girl pushed her way through the eager crowd to see what all the commotion was about. Once she was at the front, she was stunned to see what was infront of her. There were 2 children her age having the time of their lives while playing tennis.

It felt as if that was the sun and the rest of the grey village was orbiting around it. A tall lady popped out of the glowing house, called the children in and gave the people a foul look. Everyone sighed and left as if they had a chance to live. However the girl stood there for a few more seconds processing how happy those kids were. But soon enough she went on her way back home.

Once she got back to the rejected house she knocked on the small door at the end of the corridor. A muffled voice came from the other side of the door, the voice asked if it was Margret. ” yes it is, I have the bread,” Margret answered as she slowly creaked open the door.

The room was dark and miserable, in the middle there was a single bed with a woman lying in it. “Mother, are you okay?” The little girl said in a worried voice. Her mother assured her that she was going to be fine. But Margret could tell that she had lied.