Long ago, in the great big forest lived every type of animal that God had ever made. They lived together in harmony and never fought, every animal obeyed God’s rules. They lived like this for many a year, only killing for food and always helping other animals.

But after a while things started to change. One snake decided to disobey God, it used its talent of sneakiness to kill other animals. This snake could do things that other snakes couldn’t. It could climb trees, dig under ground, jump up high and even swim. This snake was so sneaky that, if you were chosen for its next meal, it was almost impossible too escape it.

So one day the wise koala called a meeting at the bottom of his tree and said this “Animals of the forest, listen to me. Now that the snake has disobeyed God, none of us are safe. I have a plan that just might work, but I need all of your help.”

The wise koala told them his plan and they agreed to help. So the next day the smaller animals, followed by the medium-sized animals, followed by the larger animals ran in crowds from the bottom of the tree screaming,

“Help, help, the fierce, fierce animal is at the bottom of the tree. He is surely the most powerful animal in the forest.” This enraged the snake and he became very jealous, for he wanted to be the most powerful. So he slithered to the bottom of the tree and looked around. Suddenly, he heard a buzzzz. Buzzzz. And, as he looked up, a bee hive came buzzing down and landed on the end of his tail. It stuck with honey as the many bees bit his tail hard, making it swell into place. Now it was stuck forever. And if you see a strange looking snake with a bee hive on his tail, listen for the bees still buzzing to warn you away.