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By Kobe
Grade 6
Rosalie Primary School
, wa
Teacher: Mr Thompson
Helen is my very bubbling Viola teacher. She has a big bottle brush tree in front of her house. I once was hit by bird poo under the tree, but I still love them. Helen, to me, is like the fairy godmother to Cinderella, who can always make my dreams into reality, in exams or Esteinfords. How amazing is she?! I couldn't help to draw her with a big smile. I used salt and cotton wool tips with water to have some fun textures, I also used some old music sheets to collage the Viola. NB: Don't call a Viola, a Violin! It's very rude! That's why I put the alto chef on the tip of the bird's beak. It was my 7th try to paint this portrait and I finally figured the shadow out. Helen always tells me that "Practice makes perfect" and it works on painting too, I reckon
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