I know of a place, high up, too far to see,
A cliff, smooth wall of stone,
Me, standing tall and proud, at the edge of reality,
She whispers, run to me,
A choice to do or die,
A leap of faith, hurling myself into her welcoming arms, Some call it a fall; others a flight,
And shooting downwards, to a bottomless abyss,
Barely a streak of moonlight,
I land softly, nestled between pages of unforetold secrets, Pages torn, bearing the silent stories of people,
A gentle humming, her humming, a song of magic to be reread, Time and time again,
Ancient magic pulses, she breathes life into those legacies, And the smell of fresh parchment soothes my quiet dreams, Walking along, and she asks,
Come with me, run and escape,
The hours go by and I delve deep,
She shows me worlds of happiness and laughter,
A world where diamonds drip to ice and snow,
Branches held out, reaching forward,
To drink in the pale sun’s glow,
And her crystal lake ripples with surprises,
As her heroes gain flight,
Rustling breezes as the trees whisper a secret,
A secret kept for generations,
If only you listen close,

Never leave,
She shows me Love,
Unconditional Love,
But her Love is cruel and sad,
At times, sadistic to the brink of insanity,
She feeds blissfully on my frozen tears,
And the cycle repeats to all who give the leap,
All who wish to escape reality’s crueller, twisted hands, They begin their journey like I did,
Nestled between cracked pages,
And they climb out again,
Waiting dreamily for their own Happily Ever After.