I was darting, darting to get to the lander. My suit was loosely tied around my waist and my helmet jumped around in my arms, the shinning white lander flashed through my sleepy vision. I didn’t want to be here, I wanted to be safely buckled in my seat. I wanted to get of earth. ‘I don’t think I’m ready for this’, ‘why did I agree to this?’, ‘I hope we make it’ this all sprinted through my mind as I walked clumsily into the elevator.

The Earth was falling uncontrollably from climate change. The ice was melting quickly, the ocean vast and deep was evaporating before our disbelieving eyes, the mountains were slowly crumbling like biscuit crumbs falling through you fragile hands. The glittering sunlit lander peacefully waited for me. The smooth leather seats were ice cold and the suits felt like warm inviting hugs.

I was buckled in my seat with the rest of the group I was with. The only people I knew was Penny from the old sweet shop, Alex from school and my mum and dad.   The countdown started my stomach flipped and I began to curl up into a little ball.  The comforting hand of my mother placed down on my shoulder I started to shake. I nearly fainted as the lander zoomed into the sky. The windows were covered up with fire as we blasted out the atmosphere.

I was up, floating around in the dark soundless world of space. We were heading to plantorus its newly discovered but had everything earth had. The name signified that it was completely full of plants and water the lander was designed to go through anything. It had four layers of the strongest metal, air conditioning and enough food to last twenty years.

‘Why did earth have to end like this’, ‘why didn’t we keep it clean?’, ‘we’re go to have to rebuild everything’, ‘At least we’re safe’, this all sprinted through my mind as we entered Zero Gravity. Suddenly all the alarms went off like a ferocious, blood thirsty lion. The lander spun, we were off course. All I felt was my heart jumping out of my chest. We couldn’t move we were lying down on the cracked, dusty floor. 

‘Why now we can literally see plantorus’, the smell of dehydrated food was spinning around the room. We received the note that we were in a black hole, straight after I started to slowly float straight up into the cold, crisp air. My head was beaming bright red and I felt like I was going to vomit. The ship became as dark as burnt coal.  The lights coming into the ship hurt my eyes and the ship started to pirouette

Finally we stooped, I hoped that is a looked up I would see some sort of planet. All of a sudden a heard an ear-piercing tremendous thump. I rushed out of the lander. Forgetting my suit to find the exact place we left. All I could see was my reflection in the glass, I looked up and to my surprise I was at the space station and I then realised that I could breathe. We were on a perfect habitable planet.