They said, ‘What a beautiful girl!’
‘Be thankful,’
‘For the luck of the world,’
‘She seldom shouts and talks little,’

‘For she calmly sits and doesn’t fiddle.’
But you reap what you sow,
But the opposite some plough and show,
For the voices that were too loud,

She softened hers, In an attempt to to cloud,
And calm them down.
‘But I think,’ she whispered,
‘And I talk too!’
‘I’m angry mostly,’

‘But just let me think it through!’
I cry, I scream, I shout,
But all this, with me, my voice is without.
But I scream, ‘I’m here!’

Listen to my jeers, And even in my cheers!
I’m shouting somewhere, With me, please bear.
It hid! I swear it did, But I’m here cultivating,
I swear a plan!
My heart is pulsating, Still, And it will,

Forever. Just give me a second! I’m trying i swear,
A second, I beckon! I know it’s over there,
Well I hope, Because I’m running,
Towards the hope, Hoping the signs end,
Hopefully, Near, Near me, Near you,

Because this treasure I’ve gone to find,
Is lost somewhere in my mind,
Somewhere in the labyrinth,
Just let me build up the courage to go in,

And I can’t right this instance,
But I swear, I will,
I will and I’ll fulfill,
Because I’ve reached the gates and I know my way,

And in this middle ground I’m to give in and stay, And my heart’s stuck in my throat,
But, I promise Má,
I’ll walk myself home.