As I opened my eyes,
I see my first glimpse of light.
I feel warmth,
I feel safe and loved.
As I open my eyes,
My mother holds me with affection and love.
My father looks at me,
Crying tears of joy.

I’m running across my backyard,
Playing tag with my parents.
I’m happy and loved.
My body is small,
like the height of a table.
I’m growing everyday,
with my parents helping me,
and supporting me.

My hand is writing,
on a piece of paper.
I’m much older now,
I feel responsible like an adult.
I’m almost there,
I’m almost an adult.
As I keep growing,
My parents are growing older with me.

I’ve grown much older now.
I close my eyes thinking about,
the great memories I’ve had.
I feel my soul,
drifting away from my body.
My heartbeat gets slower and slower.
Is this the end?
Has my time growing older ended?

I feel my body getting lifted up!
I see a tunnel and go down it.
I see light at the end of the tunnel,
I go walking through the light as I see my parents.
My parents come up to me,
as I hug them tightly.
Growing Older…